2006 - 2017 I.O.O.F. Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Delegate Information:

Each delegate will be limited to one (1) piece of luggage, in addition to one carry on.

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2017 Tour 

July 8-18

July 15-25

Thank You for Your Support of the Program

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What Next?

Delegates returning home are excited, exhausted, and homesick for their new best friends. Before the euphoria wears off with school and other activities starting, write an article for your local news media, share your story with the folks who sponsored you, and tell your friends and relatives, especially those younger who may be able to apply in the next year or two.

Let your teachers, counselors, and other school officials know about your trip. Not just the fun stuff (you will have had lots) but also the things you learned. This will assist your sponsors when they are working to get information out to future applicants.

When applying for advanced educational institutions and jobs (now and in the future) having been selected as a delegate on the  Pilgrimage looks great on a resume.

Alumni We have an alumni database of delegates and tour leaders. You will be added to it. Please keep in touch. We do not publish the names, however we can facilitate reunions with friends for whom you have lost addresses. This only works if you keep us updated with your current name, address, email, etc.
Networking Keep in contact with your tour buddies, your tour leaders, your sponsors, and this program. You never know when, how or where your paths may cross in the future or when you may need or be able to provide a helping hand.
Continue the Legacy

The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Pilgrimage for Youth was started in 1949 by a few far sited people. Over the ensuing years it has been dependent not just on funds but the hard work of many dedicated people. Now it is not as “fashionable” to belong to fraternal organizations as it used to be. Even when there are sources of funds for this program, we still need people. We need YOU, your parents, relatives, and friends to be able to provide this opportunity for others. The best way you and your family can say thanks is to join some branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Continue the Legacy.