2006 - 2017 I.O.O.F. Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Urgent Delegate Information:

Each delegate will be limited to one (1) piece of luggage, in addition to one carry on.

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2017 Tour 

July 8-18

July 15-25

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Speech Contest in New York City
Basic Information

All Delegates are required to participate.

Speeches will be 3 - 5 minutes in length.

The topic will be provided when the delegates arrive on Sunday evening.

The delegates use the information they acquire through the rest of the week during visits to the United Nations, lectures by UN spokesmen, and research to compose their speeches.

Preliminary Speeches

Top 10 - 12 Delegates will be chosen to participate in the finals for the current week.

Final Speeches
  • In addition to the criteria for the Preliminary Speeches, "Personal Appearance" is added to Delivery.
  • Time is also a factor in the finals - 1 point deducted for each 10 seconds over 5 minutes.
  • We have been fortunate to have scholarships donationed by the IOOF Education Foundation for the top winners for the summer if they are from jurisdictions in the US and Canada which support the foundation. A $1,000.00 First Place USD Scholarship and a $500.00 Second Place USD Scholarship will be awarded each week.  The scholarship will be awarded upon receipt of a letter of admissions from their University or College.


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Judging Rules

Speech Contest Score Sheet (subject to change)

Click Here to download your personal copy.




Speech Development
0-5 Points

  • Did it have clearly defined Opening, Body and Conclusion?
  • Was it easy to follow?
  • Did it have a logical sequence?
  • Was the purpose clear and well defined?
  • What support material was there?
  • Were facts, examples, illustrations or humor used to enhance the message?


Appearance, Body Language
0-5 Points

  • How did the speaker look?
  • Did the clothes/colors/accessories enhance or detract from the effectiveness?
  • How was the stage area and lectern used?
  • Did the body language contradict or reinforce the message?
  • Were the gestures effective/ meaningless?
  • Did the eye contact cover and hold the audience?


To speech purpose and audience
0-3 Points

  • Was the language used compatible with the speech?
  • Was it compatible with the audience?
  • Did the word pictures sell the speaker’s ideas?


0-5 Points

  • Was the purpose accomplished?
  • Was it of interest to the audience?
  • Was it relevant to the topic?
  • How did the audience respond?


Flexibility, Volume
0-5 Points

  • Did the voice convey the correct feelings for the message?
  • Did it have variations of rate and emphasis?
  • Was the volume adequate and varied and was the microphone used effectively?


Grammar, Pronunciation and Word Selection
0-2 Points

  • Did the speaker use correct grammar?
  • If slang or misused grammar was present, did it make a point?
  • Was it intentional or a mistake?
  • Were the words chosen appropriate to the message?
  • Were they appropriate to the audience?


Speech Value
0-5 Points

  • Was there a clearly defined message?
  • Did the message develop logically?
  • Did it lead to a conclusion?
  • Were the ideas original or a re-hash of other material?
  • Was it in good taste?


Directness, Assurance, Enthusiasm
0-5 Points

  • Did the speaker appear sincere, concerned for the audience?
  • Did the speaker appear confident?
  • Did the audience believe the message?
  • Did the style, pace and demeanor build a link with the audience?
  • Did the speaker show enthusiasm for the message?


(Subject to Change)

Helpful Hints

Note Taking