2006 - 2017 I.O.O.F.  Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Delegate Information:

Each delegate will be limited to one (1) piece of luggage, in addition to one carry on.

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2017 Tour 

July 8-18

July 15-25

Thank You for Your Support of the Program.

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Get Ready

Prepare yourself mentally. You will be seeing new places and meeting new faces.

Do you have all the documentation completed and turned in?

What about your doctors' certification?

Do you have your (required) passport?

Get Set Do you have appropriate clothes and shoes? You will be walking a lot; good footware (not just "cool") can make the difference in a good trip and a nightmare. Business dress clothing will be required when attending the United Nations. ( See Delegate Information)
Go! Don't forget:
  • Camera
  • Spending Money (even though food and lodging are provided in the cost of the trip, there are always incidental expenses and the "absolutely essential" souviners.
  • Any required Medication.
  • Pack light - dirty clothes take up more space than clean ones and you will be bringing back more than you take.