2006 - 2017 I.O.O.F. Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Delegate Information:

Each delegate will be limited to one (1) piece of luggage, in addition to one carry on.

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2017 Tour 

July 8-18

July 15-25

Thank You for Your Support of the Program.

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Delegate Information

IDENTIFICATIONA valid PASSPORT is required by the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Educational Pilgrimage for Youth for EVERYONE participating in the program.

  • United States Citizens can click on the following link for passport information: http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html
  • Canadian Citizens can click on the following link for passport information: http://www.ppt.gc.ca/
  • Citizens of other countries will need to check with their own government for passport information. In some cases visas may be required by government agencies.

Do not wait to apply for your passport.

CONDUCT: It is an honor to have been selected to represent an international organization, your community and the young people of your country.  At all times you should conduct yourself in a manner that will leave a lasting good impression on you and your peers.  Unruly and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated from anyone.  Remember, that should your behavior cause a problem during the Tour , the Tour Leaders can and will send you home, at your parents’ expense.  You have been chosen for this wonderful opportunity, we trust you will conduct yourself in an exemplary manner.

This is a non-smoking tour. US and Canadian law prohibits people under the age of 18 to purchase or carry tobacco.  Drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden.  Violators will be sent home at their parent or guardian's expense.  No exceptions.

LUGGAGE: Each delegate is limited to one piece of luggage(max. 62 linear inches and 50 lbs)  and a small carry-on bag.  For easy identification, please use the luggage tags provided.  If you are traveling by air, please check your flight 24 hours prior to departure.  At the airport, be prepared to show your passport.

DRESS CODE: Three days of the week, gentlemen are required to wear a jacket, dress pants, shirt and a tie and ladies must wear a dress, skirt and top or business suit (dress pants and top) when we visit the United Nations (No Sweat shirts).  For the remainder of the Tour, casual clothes, shorts and cool summer clothing is acceptable.  Please refrain from wearing clothing that exposes stomachs (navels), undergarments or private areas.  Also, the length of shorts and skirts must reach at least to the middle of the thigh/finger tip length.  T-shirts with suggestive or offensive messages/pictures are unacceptable.  Bring comfortable walking shoes, a light jacket and something nice to wear to dinner and the theatre on Broadway.  NO shorts, jeans or cargo pants for dinners and the theatre.

MONEYIt is not wise to carry excessive amounts of cash.  ATM machines are readily available and travelers checks are accepted at most businesses.  In the event of an emergency, Western Union wire services can be accessed while in New York City.
All meals are provided.  Extra money is required for laundry, souvenirs and snacks.  Film and stamps can be purchased on the Tour route.  It is also suggested that you carry a calling card or prepaid phone card.  You will not be allowed to bill long distance calls to your room and outgoing calls are restricted.

CELL PHONES AND PAGERSPlease do not use cell phones, pagers or MP3 players during the daily program. Especially when you are walking on the tours. They should be turned off.

SPEECH CONTEST The I.O.O.F. Educational Foundation awards scholrships to speech winners if they are from jurisdictions in the US and Canada which support the foundation. First Place Speech Contest Winner, each week, will be awarded a One Thousand US Dollars ($1,000.00 USD) Scholarship and the Second Place Speech Contest Winner, each week, will be awarded a Five Hundred US Dollars ($500.00 USD) Scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded upon receipt of a copy of your Admissions Letter from your accepted Collete / University.  The speech topic is announced in New York City and ALL DELEGATES ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE.  A scholarship for European delegates is provided by European countries.

REPORTUpon your return home, make arrangements to deliver your report to your sponsoring lodge as soon as possible while the trip is still fresh in your mind.  In return, you will receive your group photo, award certificate and a commemorative lapel pin.


  • Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

  • Janet L. Bruce, Executive Director
  • 422 Trade Street
  • Winston-Salem, NC 27101-2830
  • 1 – 815-765-2011              
  • unpinc@unpilgrimage.org